Memorial Glass Artwork

Memorial Glass Art is a fabulous way to remember a loved one who has passed. The process is very simple.

Duff Glass provide two types of Memorials items. Paperweights that can be a centerpiece in your home. I also make Memorial Jewelry that can be kept close to your heart.



After choosing your preferred type of Memorial I will send you an e-mail with specific shipping instructions for the cremated remains. I only require a tablespoon amount of ashes for creating your artwork. At this time we are only offering memorial artwork within Canada due to the complexities of shipping cremated remains across international borders. 

I will notify you when your ashes have arrived at my studio. Memorials are designed to be a personal item to remind you of your loved one. So specific colour choices and special details can be requested from the artist. I will try my best to make your Memorial something that you will cherish. After all the design details have been finalized I can begin making your Memorial.

The ashes of your loved one will be incorporated in the liquid hot glass. This is done by heating up glass in a torch fueled by oxygen and propane. When the glass becomes molten the ashes are rolled into the glass encasing the ashes entirely. When the ashes become embedded in glass they appear like scattered snow. Regardless of the colour of the ashes before being incorporated they always appear white after being heated up and applied into glass. While the glass is molten I stretch, shape and manipulate the glass to make it into your chosen design.

Ashes are stars behind the tree.

Ashes appear like the milky way.

Ashes are the stamen of the flower.

As you can see the ashes can be incorporated in a few different ways. In the examples above ashes are used to appear like the night sky stars, the milkyway or even as the stamen on a flower.

After your piece is made it is annealed in a temperature controlled kiln over several hours to promote strength and durability. When your piece is finished it will be shipped to you along with any remaining ashes.

If you have any further questions about the process please feel free to e-mail me at: