About the Artist

I first began lampworking 20 years ago. At first lampworking was a fun hobby that I worked on during the weekends. I loved taking taking week long classes during the summer months to improve my skills.

Lampworking became an obsession to me after taking my first murrini class with Loren Stump. I absolutely love the amount of detail I could add to paperweights, beads and pendants using this technique. Since then I've made hundreds of murrini canes and continue to strive to make more and more complex images.

As I became more and more interested in murrini I began wanting to try making more complex images on a larger scale. Previously I had made jewelry and beads. I enjoyed making jewelry and beads but as my murrini interest grew I wanted to expand how much detail I could show. Paperweights were the perfect blank canvas. Paperweights allowed me to make items in various sizes and shapes and I could easily add as much detail as I wanted.

In the last few years I really found my unique artistic style. I decided to combine the traditional Italian murrini and contemporary lampworking techniques together. I wanted to hone my craft and embrace techniques that are both old and new. I also wanted my work to demonstrate that just because a technique is typically done using one type of glass does not mean it can’t be reborn using another. Glass is constantly evolving media and I hope my work continues to evolve with it.